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Promotes fat oxidation, increases metabolism, and prevents fat accumulation.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) naturally exists in all of the living cells in our bodies. There are two forms of the molecule, NAD, and the other NADH. NAD+ is also an essential component of the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle), the cellular process of energy production for all cells. This process takes place in the mitochondria inside cells all over your body. Our levels decline as we age, causing our energy levels to drop.  Low levels are consistent with increased oxidative/free radical damage including diabetes, heart disease, age-related vascular dysfunction, ischemic brain injury, and Alzheimer’s dementia.

Good news is that you can start NAD+ therapy for replacement! Increasing your NAD levels is done with a loading dose, this just means a larger amount of drug up front and less after the load is complete. There are multiple options for replacement: pills, nasal spray, and subcutaneous injections. We also carry a facial cream to rejuvenate and energize your skin.


  • $299 - NAD+ 20% (200mg/mL) SQ Injectable [10mL]

  • $229 - NAD+ 30% (300mg/mL) Nasal Spray [15mL]

  • $229 - NAD+ 20% (200mg/mL) Topical Cream in Serum Pump [30mL]


  • 100-200mg two to three times per week

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