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Tesamorelin stimulates HGH secretion, reduces abdominal body fat, increases lean muscle mass, reduces recovery time, and helps build muscle.

Tesamorelin is the most effective, most fast-acting growth hormone-releasing peptide on the market, producing the quickest IGF-1 increase of any peptide available today. Along with its HGH-releasing properties, this powerful peptide is FDA approved for the treatment of Visceral Body Fat (VAT), which wraps around your organs, putting unnecessary strain on them. Ipamorelin also stimulates growth hormone secretion and promotes the production of IGF-1 in the liver independent of growth hormone levels. In addition, Ipamorelin has no effect on ACTH, which stimulates cortisol.


  • $159 - Tesamorelin 1000mcg/mL SQ Injectable [5mL]

  • $299 - Tesamorelin 2500mcg/mL SQ Injectable [5mL]

  • $549 - Tesamorelin 2500mcg/mL SQ Injectable [10mL]


  • Tesamorelin dosage depends on your gender and your height/weight.

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